“Naris” pointed out that the Democratic Party must seriously dismantle the new structure.

“Naris” indicates that the Democratic Party must seriously dismantle the new structure. Encourage the proportion of new generations to come into management more

Naris Khamnurak, Deputy Minister of Interior Former Phatthalung MP Democrat Referring to the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Democratic Party that The former executive committee of the party passed a resolution to elect New Executive Director which requires the approval of 25 MPs because they represent 70% of the total vote considered an important part This time we have to review all past elections. Because the party won very few MPs.

When asked whether there was a major adjustment or not, Naris said that he thought the party executive committee would consider that. must be adjusted and the election of the party leader this time quite serious As for whether to give the new generation a chance to replace or not, it is considered that the party has a mix. between the new generation and the old generation which is already considered a unique identity of the party But if possible, I would like to have a higher proportion of the new generation. and the vote of the party that got this number It’s time for us to seriously reform the Party.

When asked if the Democrat Party has a secret deal to form a government or not, Mr Naris said no because the party would seize from the party’s meeting. Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency