South Sumatra first dose coverage reaches 70%

South Sumatra province has reached the 70-percent target for first dose COVID-19 vaccinations, Governor Herman Deru has informed.


“This is good news that the vaccination coverage in South Sumatra surpassed 70 percent on Friday afternoon. The achievement has been faster than our target,” he remarked on Saturday.


As of Friday (December 24, 2021), the number of South Sumatra residents who had received their first COVID-19 jab stood at 4,419,750, or 70.12 percent of the 6,303,496 targeted recipients.


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“I thank all relevant parties under the command of the South Sumatra provincial police chief, particularly the people of South Sumatra, who have been proactive with this vaccination,” Deru said.


Meanwhile, head of the South Sumatra Provincial Health Office, Lesty Nurainy, said first dose vaccinations in 9 out of the 17 cities and districts in the province have crossed 70 percent.


According to the Health Office, first dose vaccinations were recorded at 85.69 percent in Prabumulih, 81.62 percent in Palembang, 72.78 percent in Lubuk Linggau, and 72.31 percent in Pagaralam.


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First dose vaccination coverage in Penukal Abab Lematang Ilir reached 73.19 percent, Ogan Komering Ulu 71.24 percent, Muara Enim 70.70 percent, Musi Banyuasin 76.77 percent, and Empat Lawang 71.75 percent, it added.


Meanwhile, the vaccination coverage in 8 districts was less than 70 percent: Ogan Komering Ilir (62.33 percent), Lahat (64.12 percent), Musi Rawas (65.23 percent), Banyuasinn (61.37 percent), Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan (67.84 percent), Ogan Komering Ulu Timur (62.24 percent), Ogan Ilir (62.64 percent), and Musi Rawas Utara (60.91 percent), Nurainy said.


“The highest (vaccination rate) was recorded at 85.69 percent in Prabumulih and the lowest at 60.91 percent in Musi Rawas Utara,” she added.


Source: Antara News