The last 5 Thais from Sudan back to Thailand

Bangkok, May 1 – Completed the operation “Napha Rak Thai”, the mission of bringing Thai people home. The Royal Thai Air Force C-130 aircraft with the last 5 Thai people returned to Thailand already.

Air Chief Marshal Alongkorn Wannarot, Air Force Commander together with senior officers of the Royal Thai Air Force welcomed 5 Thai people affected by the violence in the Republic of Sudan Which returned in the last batch of the Air Force’s Type 8 or C-130 transport aircraft. On Monday, May 1, 2023 at 2:50 p.m. at Military Airport 2, Wing 6, Don Mueang

for the mission of evacuating Thai people in the Republic of Sudan (Operation Napha Rak Thai) has been completed. The Royal Thai Air Force has used 1 Airbus A340-500 and 2 C-130s to fly a total of 8 flights (including round trips) accepting 218 Thai people who wish to return to their country. Is the first set of 78 people, the second set of 135 people and the last set of 5 people, together with the relevant agencies to take care and send everyone home safely.

In addition to welcoming Thai people The Royal Thai Air Force also organized a ceremony to welcome Royal Thai Air Force personnel back from their missions. On this occasion, Air Chief Marshal Alongkorn Wannarot He gave a testimony to the troops that From the fighting situation in Khartoum Republic of Sudan steadily intensifying The Air Force is assigned to support the State Department. To help and evacuate Thai people who have been in trouble back to Thailand as urgently as possible. And able to evacuate all Thai people who wish to return to their homeland safely According to the intention that “We won’t leave anyone behind.” It is a complex, short-term, risky and challenging mission. under the integration of cooperation between Office of the National Security Council ministry of foreign affairs Ministry of Defense by the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters, armed forces and related agencies Careful planning is required. Working in harmony with all sectors As well as the personnel must be physically and mentally ready, have patience, sacrifice for the public. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency