Today’s lifestyle makes many skip breakfast: Health Ministry

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesia’s Ministry of Health stated that today’s busy lifestyle, with a battery of demands, has made several people skip breakfast, thereby resulting in an increase in the number of anemia sufferers from time to time.The ministry’s Director General of Public Health Maria Endang Sumiwi stated here on Tuesday that several children and adolescents have low levels of healthy red blood cells and experience anemia, as they often skip breakfast.

She noted that the production of red blood cells is highly dependent on how much nutrients enter the body, and skipping breakfast can decrease the production.

“We conducted a survey involving school students, and we found that many of them only ate two meals a day. They did not eat breakfast because they said they did not have time or were not used to it, with some even only eating one meal a day when they felt hungry,” Sumiwi stated.

She explained that the busy lifestyles of families had caused a shift in the breakfast habits of several Indonesians.

ccording to Sumiwi, several families have neglected the need to fulfill the recommended three meals a day in children.

“We asked them why they did not eat breakfast. They said their parents did not have time to prepare, while food is a basic necessity, which means it is non-negotiable,” she stated.

Even worse, she noted that many children and adolescents, who skipped breakfast, often only consume foods and beverages that are low in nutrition, as they tasted more delicious and were more practical.

To that end, she encouraged the promotion of education and literacy related to diet and nutritional intake to prevent more children from suffering from health issues and growth and development disorders or being stunted.

Source: Antara News Agency