Vietnam responds to World Clean-up Day

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, in collaboration with the Vietnam Farmers’ Union Central Committee and Bac Ninh provincial People’s Committee, held a ceremony in Thuan Thuan town, on September 16 in response to the 2023 “Clean up the world” Campaign.

The 2023 “Clean up the world” Campaign is an opportunity for the whole social community to join hands to act for the environment and take responsibility for the environment, from small but meaningful actions, thereby actively contributing to building the future of the Earth, creating a clean environment and maintaining ecological balance for the sustainable development of humanity.

According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the “Clean up the world” Campaign was initiated by Australia and has been launched globally by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), since 1993.

To date, the Campaign has attracted the participation of millions of people and more than 180 countries worldwide, becoming a worldwide community movement, contributing to raising public awareness and actions of all humanity towards environmental issues.

Responding to the Campaign since 1994, Vietnam has always focused on propagating guidelines and policies related to environmental protection and natural resources, while calling on individuals, groups and communities to join hands to take practical actions to reduce the burden on nature and the environment and adapt to climate change, towards promoting circular economy and sustainable development.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment launched actions in response to the 2023 “Clean up the world” Campaign, to encourage community activities and movements to protect the environment, towards a green and circular economy and sustainable development. Vietnam pledges to effectively implement its commitments on environmental protection and climate change adaptation.

Speaking at the launch ceremony, Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union Dinh Khac Dinh asked ministries, departments and agencies, at all levels, to continue to launch community movements for environmental sanitation, tree planting, and improving the environment in urban areas, residential areas and surrounding areas, especially on lakes, rivers and canals.

He hoped that relevant agencies would strengthen the integration of contents related to environmental protection in training programmes, as well as raise the awareness, consciousness and responsibility of environmental protection among all citizens and businesses.

After the launch ceremony, more than 700 delegates and people from all walks of life in the locality together collected waste to clean the environment and plant trees at the national historical and cultural relic site of Kinh Duong Vuong temple and tomb complex./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency