Vietnamese and Chinese Border Authorities Strengthen Cooperation in Cao Bang

Cao Bang, Vietnam – In a recent meeting held in Cao Bang on November 20, border guard commands from four Vietnamese provinces and representatives from China’s Guangxi General Station of Immigration Inspection have agreed to enhance border management cooperation. This meeting marks a significant step in the coordination efforts between Vietnamese and Chinese localities in managing their shared border.

According to Vietnam News Agency, Commander of Cao Bang province’s Border Guard Command, the discussions focused on implementing existing cooperation agreements more strictly. The two sides committed to increasing information exchange and jointly supervising vehicle operations along the border. Additionally, there are plans to develop pilot smart road border gates, a move aimed at streamlining border crossing procedures and enhancing security.

One innovative approach agreed upon is the organization of a ‘citizen reception day’ at border gates on a rotating basis. This initiative is intended to facilitate smoother interactions between citizens and border authorities, ensuring better understanding and adherence to immigration regulations.

The meeting also highlighted the significant progress made in border management since the beginning of the year. The Vietnamese provinces of Cao Bang, Quang Ninh, Lang Son, and Ha Giang, in coordination with the Guangxi General Station of Immigration Inspection, have maintained regular contacts and conducted 10 joint patrols involving 244 officers. These efforts have been instrumental in customs clearance and combating cross-border crime.

The effective performance of border guards from both sides was evident in their thorough inspections and supervision at border gates. Over the past months, they have successfully completed customs procedures for more than 500,000 people and 150,000 vehicles. In addition, 5,363 leaflets containing legal regulations were distributed to residents living near the border, underscoring the commitment to raising public awareness about immigration laws.

This meeting in Cao Bang underscores the ongoing collaboration between Vietnam and China in border management, reflecting a shared commitment to security, legal compliance, and the facilitation of legal cross-border movement.