Vietnamese piece to be performed at world music fest

Hanoi: Vietnamese music piece Tieng Rung (The Sounds of the Jungle) will be performed at the 2024 ISCM World New Music Days festival in Faroe Islands, Denmark.

The piece was composed by Do Hong Quan in 2014 for three flautists. It has been performed by Monash Academy Orchestra in Australia in 2018.

“Tieng Rung uses polymelodies to convey the sounds of nature and the jungle,” said Quan. “If people listen they will feel the sentiment of the jungle and the love for the jungle which is a part of human life on the planet.”

Concert flute, alto flute and bass flute will perform Tieng Rung in the Trios or Quartets category. This section also includes the piece Tempo variabile by Svetlana Savic from the International Society for Contemporary Music (ISCM) Serbia and additional works from Faroe Islands TBA.

The festival will include concerts by Faroese and Nordic ensembles, informal ensembles and collaborations and soloists.

The music featured throughout this festival will include new and innovative works from acro
ss the international membership of the ISCM.

The concert venues range from concert halls and theatres to jazz bars and open-air ravines and grottos.

The festival is held by ISCM from June 21-30. It is a premier forum for the advancement, dissemination and interchange of new music from around the world.

Attending the festival are 64 composers from 55 ISCM member countries. The works are shorter than 10 minutes in duration and composed after 2014.

Through ISCM, members promote contemporary music in all its varied forms, strengthening musical life in their local contexts and making their music and its creators known to world.

Organised each year by a different host, the festival presents music from each of member section, showcasing the incredible diversity of musical practice in time. Recent festivals have taken place in Estonia, China, Canada, the Republic of Korea, Slovenia, Poland, Belgium, Australia, Croatia, Hong Kong and Japan.

Since its founding in 1922, the network has grown to include more than 6
0 organisations in over 50 countries and territories, on every continent.

Musician Quan studied composition with Professor Albert Leman and conducting with Leonid Nicolaev at the Moscow State Conservatory in Russia, and did his senior internship at Paris National Conservatory.

His works have been performed in Moscow, Uzbekistan, Bonn, Paris, Tokyo, Singapore, Bangkok, Manila and Kazan with renowned conductors from Japan, France, Germany, Spain, Russia and the US.

He has directly conducted and arranged opera works. Currently, he is chairman of the Vietnam Union of Literary and Art Associations. Quan joined the ISCM Virtual Cooperative Series 2020.

Tieng Rung will be performed on June 26 at Funningur Kirkja./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency