G20 can stimulate tourism sector: expert

Economic expert from Sam Ratulangi University (Unsrat), Dr Joy Tulung, said G20 Forum would be able to stimulate the tourism sector in Indonesia, especially for North Sulawesi Province.

“G20 activities will greatly affect economic growth nationally and regionally, especially in the tourism sector in North Sulawesi,” said Tulung, here on Saturday.

He said a series of activities of the forum will also contribute to the national gross domestic product (GDP) and regional gross domestic product (GRDP) in the regions thanks to community activities.

“G20 delegations from various countries will increase or stimulate tourism, especially in Bali as a place of activity, also nationally,” he said.

Then, he also assessed that investment would increase, especially in areas such as North Sulawesi, given the potential for infrastructure improvements in that area.

Regarding the investment, Tulung considers that investment in the tourism sector and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) would have a positive impact from the forum, if both sectors were properly empowered.

The G20 Summit is the 17th meeting of the Group of Twenty (G20) which will take place in Bali, Indonesia, this year.

The Indonesian presidency in the forum has started from 1 December 2021 until the summit in the fourth quarter of 2022.


Source: Antara News