Vietnam Partners with UNESCO for National Education Initiative on Sustainable Development

Hanoi, Vietnam – Vietnam is taking significant strides in integrating sustainable development into its national education framework. The Ministry of Education and Training, in collaboration with the UNESCO Hanoi Office, conducted a consultation workshop on November 24 to discuss the national education for sustainable development initiative. This initiative aligns with global efforts promoted by UNESCO, especially in regions prone to climate change and extreme weather events.

According to Vietnam News Agency, education and training play a critical role in addressing global challenges and ensuring sustainable development. He acknowledged the Vietnamese government’s existing policies and actions aimed at enhancing the quality of education and training. However, Phuc noted that further efforts are necessary to transform education into a driving force for sustainable development.

In fulfillment of Vietnam’s commitment at the UNESCO international conference on education for sustainable development in 2021, the Ministry has developed a national initiative for sustainable development in education, extending until 2030. This strategy is designed to strengthen and coordinate existing efforts for nationwide impact. Phuc underscored that sustainable development encompasses not only economic and social growth and ecological protection but also the fulfillment of basic human needs, including happiness. Hence, Vietnam has set a goal to establish ‘happy schools’ as part of this initiative.

Miki Nozawa, the education team leader at the UNESCO Hanoi Office, emphasized the significance of education for sustainable development. She pointed out that such education equips learners, from preschool onwards, with crucial knowledge, critical thinking, and teamwork skills necessary to tackle sustainability challenges. Nozawa expressed UNESCO’s support for Vietnam’s initiative, highlighting its timeliness and the eagerness of various stakeholders to contribute.

During the workshop, participants reviewed the current state of education for sustainable development in Vietnam and provided feedback on the draft initiative. The discussions also led to a consensus on the next steps and the establishment of an inter-sectoral coordination mechanism to effectively implement the initiative.