Pindad opens shooting simulator for public at ibdexpo 2017

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - State-owned weapon manufacturer, PT Pindad, has displayed an indoor shooting simulator for public during the Indonesia Business&Development (IBD) Expo 2017 hosted at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) here from Sept 20 to 23.

Visitors will be allowed to test the 9-millimeter caliber GT2 Combat handgun, which is able to fire a bullet at a speed of 380 kilometers per second, an official stated.

"The Indonesian Army has succeeded to be ranked as a champion in several competitions in the country and overseas due to this high-tech gun (GT2 Combat)," the Head of Media Relations, Ami Marlinawati, noted on the sidelines of IBDExpo 2017 in Jakarta on Thursday.

At the exhibition, a green-black painted and air-conditioned military container was set up as a shooting arena for the visitors, Marlinawati stated, while adding that the visitors would be provided some safety devices, such as goggles, ear buds, as well as bullet-proof vests.

Marlinawati added that the shooting arena has also been set up with some high-safety soundproof and bulletproof facilities, with a 7-meter firing range.

"People were willing to line up only to try the shooting simulator, because they wanted to experience the thrill of firing a real bullet thrice," Marlinawati added.

A visitor, Agus Kurniawan, admitted his thrill during the shooting simulation.

"The guns coverage was excellent. I got 9 and almost hit the perfect score," Kurniawan informed Antara.

During the IDBExpo, PT Pindad has showcased some weapons, including a series of GT2 Combat and GT2 Elite guns, as well as the S22 snipers. The company had, moreover, displayed some war vehicles, such as Canon 20 and the double-cabin Komodo.

Beside manufacturing weapon and other defense devices, Marlinawati added that PT Pindad also produced some agriculture tools such as excavators.

"In its production, PT Pindad teams up with PT LEN, PT PAL, and PT Krakatau Steel, mainly during the machines assembling process," Marlinawati reiterated.

PT Pindad has manufactured guns and defense gears not only for Indonesian military but also for other overseas forces, such as Singapore, Laos, Nigeria, Philippines, Timor Leste, and Thailand. In January this year, the company continued to target Qatar as the new export market for distributing the Indonesia-made weapon products.

Source: ANTARA News

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