Indonesian Embassy holds batik workshop in Vientiane

Vientiane, Laos (ANTARA News) - The Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in Vientiane organized a batik workshop for Laotians at the Vientiane Center Mall as part of a series of activities to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Indonesia-Laos relations.

"Batik making has been chosen, as it is rooted in Indonesian culture and technically easy to do. We want to intensively promote Indonesian culture in Laos," Wishnu Krisnamurthi, chairman of the committee in charge of holding the event to mark the 60th anniversary of Indonesia-Laos relations, stated here on Monday.

The Indonesian Embassy in Vientiane has roped in Indonesian batik designers to teach the participants at the workshop.

"They (Laotians) are very interested in Indonesian batik. Laos has a distinctive culture of beautiful woven fabric, but not everyone can weave, and weaving as an activity is not as easy as batik making," he explained.

The batik workshop was attended by some 70 Laotian participants from the Laos art school, art galleries in Laos, Lao ethnic art organization, and local people visiting the Vientiane Center Mall.

"I think batik making is a very enjoyable activity. I love to use canting (a spouted tool used to apply liquid wax) on a cloth to paint batik," Khamheng Phommasy, one of the batik workshops participants from the Lao Art Institute, remarked.

Phommasy claimed to be interested in Indonesian batik due to its unique and diverse hues.

"The most important aspect is that I love Indonesian batik since I like to design it on cotton fabric," Phommasy said.

Source: ANTARA News

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