TNI showcases latest equipment, weaponry

Cilegon, Banten (ANTARA News) - The Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) showcased hundreds of main equipment and weapons, including the newest and most sophisticated, during the commemoration of TNIs 72nd Anniversary at the Indah Kiat Port, Cilegon, Banten, on Thursday.

Various latest and most sophisticated equipment and weapons displayed at the event included the Apache Combat Helicopter, South Korean-made submarine KRI Nagapasa 403, flag ship KRI RE Martadinata, and anti-submarine helicopter Panther.

Combat platforms performed various maneuvers and acrobatics, such as Apaches air-to-sea rapid fire demonstration.

Moreover, other vehicles, such as the amphibious Arisgator Tank, Multiple Launch Rocket System Astros H MK-6, and 155 Caesar Cannon all shot their salvos on the targets.

In the aerial department, Russian-made Sukhoi SU-27/30 Flankers and the US-made F-16 A/B Fighting Falcon fighter deployed flare decoys and bomb bursts.

Two of each type of fighter jets also performed air-to-air fights, or "dog fights," for some six minutes.

The performances of the weapon platforms coupled with the splendor of the armed forces drew the applause and awe of the public.

During the anniversary celebration, Indonesian President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) acted as the inspector of the ceremony, participated by 5,932 soldiers.

The TNI Army and Ground Forces showcased nine local-made Anoa armored vehicles and British M113 Al Tanks, 10 Marder 2A1 tanks and 8x8 Pandur II, three Arisgators, nine German-made Leopard Tanks, nine Tarantula Tanks, a 105 MM Pandur, a Kaplan Tank, and a Rhino-Armored Vehicle.

Moreover, nine MLRS Astros H MK-6 and 155 Caesar Cannons, 155 M109BE cannons, six M105 105 Cannons, Starstreak Missile, two Colibri Helicopters, and four AH 64-E Apache Combat helicopters were showcased at the event.

Meanwhile, the Navy displayed its Nagapasa 403 Submarine, three SEA Riders, a BMP 3F, a BTR4, and MRLS Norico.

The Air Force, along with the fighter jets, also showcased two Rantis (tactical vehicle) GPS Jammers, two Rantis P6 Atav, a P2 Commando, a Rantis Jihandak, four Oerlikon trucks, and two SMART Hunter units.

Apart from the weapons and equipment, the event also showcased various Indonesian Pencak Silat disciplines, such as Merpati Putih, Tapak Suci, Perisai Diri, Pagar Nusa, Ciung Wanara, and others.

Armed Forces Information Center Head Major General Wuryanto stated that the demonstration of these weapon platforms during the anniversary was a form of responsibility of the armed forces towards the president and Indonesian citizens.

"This event offers an opportunity to the armed forces to demonstrate its capabilities and responsibilities towards the government and people," Major General Wuryanto stated.

According to Wuryanto, this years anniversary is themed "Along with people, TNI strong" that means the TNIs consciousness towards its duties originated from the people and working along with the public as its basis for protecting Indonesias interests towards achieving the nations goal.

"The message is, first of all, if there are still some soldiers exhibiting poor behavior, we, on behalf of all TNI soldiers, apologize and are seeking your participation to report such instances," he noted.

Furthermore, he reminded all soldiers to not engage in acts that go against the law.

"The armed forces are prioritizing corruption and drugs as the two criminal agendas. There is no mercy for the soldier who becomes involved in drugs. The government is also fighting against that," he stated.

Armed Forces Commander General Gatot Nurmantyo explained that the theme signified the peoples commendable efforts in the fight to gain independence.

"History has recorded that the people had fought for independence, and there were no armed forces before," General Nurmantyo stated.

According to Nurmantyo, for protecting Indonesia, the TNI has never fought alone but with the help and efforts of the Indonesian people.

He added that the TNI had already proven its abilities in 72 years of protecting Indonesia and its people.

"It has been proven that in all these 72 years, the TNI was able to perform its duty to protect this nation along with the people," General Nurmantyo emphasized.

Source: ANTARA News

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