President praises Tulungagung district for proper use of village fund

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has praised the Tulungagung district government in East Java for using village fund more appropriately.

"With the fund, it (Tulungagung district) could build roads, with a total length of 679 kilometers, and bridges, with a total length of 1,675 meters, in three years after the village fund is disbursed. As we know, we have channeled Rp127 trillion in village funds in the past three years," he told governors, district heads, and mayors from across Indonesia at the state palace here on Tuesday.

The president later looked for the Tulungagung district head, who was seated in the rear row.

He asked the Tulungagung district head to go ahead with programs that are currently being carried out in the district.

"Go ahead, Mr. District head. Fund like this can be used to develop markets and early childhood education programs. Mayors must supervise the use of village fund in order to reach the target," he noted.

The president also praised Jembrana district in Bali province, which is ranked second, for the proper use of village fund.

The district was able to build roads, with a total length of 129 kilometers, eight bridges, and four markets using the fund.

"This is what we want to achieve for the proper use of village fund," he noted.

The head of state also praised regions for their highest absorption of regional budget (APBD). The regions include Pariaman Municipality, with the absorption of regional budget reaching 87 percent; Tasikmalaya district, with 76 percent; Garut district, with 65 percent; Barru district, with 62 percent; and Ciamis district, with 60.6 percent.

Source: ANTARA News

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