ASEAN to tackle crimes at sea: Deputy minister

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister A.M. Fachir stated that member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) should unite to fight crimes at sea, noted a written statement released by the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

"As a maritime region, with a coastline spanning a total of 173 thousand kilometers, the ASEAN should be ready and responsive in facing all forms of crime at sea," Fachir noted while opening the 7th ASEAN Maritime Forum in Jakarta, Wednesday.

During the forum, Fachir affirmed that maritime challenges were wide-ranging, including fundamental ones that have become common knowledge, such as protecting the maritime environment from damage, tackling effects of climate change, and fighting crimes at sea.

Criminal acts at sea include illegal fishing, overfishing, and unregulated fishing in addition to forced labor in fishing boats and human trafficking.

Apart from leading the 7th ASEAN Maritime Forum, the Indonesian government will also lead the 5th Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum in Jakarta on Dec 7.

During the forum, ASEAN member countries will discuss matters pertaining to strengthening maritime cooperation in the region and boosting synergy among all ASEAN sectoral bodies for resolving maritime issues.

By intensifying synergy and maritime cooperation, it is expected that ASEAN member nations will be able to avail benefits, including in terms of welfare, economic interests, cruise, and security aspects, from one of the busiest cruise paths that connect various trade centers of the world.

Source: ANTARA News

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