Local govt has key role in infrastructure development: President

Kupang, E Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA News) - President Joko Widodo said, local governments have played key role to accelerate development of infrastructure, especially in land clearing issue.

"Local government, whether it is district, municipality and provincial administration, plays an important role in land clearing, so that we can start an infrastructure project," the president said on the sideline of the inauguration of Rakanamo Dam here on Tuesday.

Joko Widodo or Jokowi as he popularly known said, the construction could not be started without local governments intense attempt to clear the land.

"I have told governors, district heads, mayors for many times, that they should back up big projects in their respective regions, give their support to complete (the project) soon," he added.

The head of state has called for an immediate completion of seven dams development in East Nusa tenggara province.

The seven dams are Raknamo dam in Kupang district, Rotiklot dam in Belu district, Napunggete dam in Sikka district, Temef dam in South Timor Tengah district, Lambo dam in di Nagekeo district, Kolhua dam in Kupang City, and Manikin dam in Kupang district.

Jokowi said, local administration should also ensure development of irrigation system to distribute water from the dam to farmers lands.

"I have seen some dams, such as those in West Aceh. The dam is there, also the water, but there is no irrigation system. Then whats the dam for," he said.

Such situation, he continued, should not happen in East Nusa Tenggara.

He noted that local government has the responsibility to check utilization of Raknamo dam that has the capacity of 14 million cubic of water. The government has spent Rp750 billion to build the dam.

"I will come again to check if the water could be distributed to farmers land to help them increase production," Jokowi said.

Source: ANTARA News

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