1,430 families in west sumatra remain isolated due to floods

Simpang Empat, W Sumatra (ANTARA News) - Around 1,430 families living in the flood-hit areas of Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra Province, remain unable to get relief aids because road access to the disaster zones were still cut off on Monday.

According to the secretary of the West Pasaman district government, Tri Wahluyo, here on Monday, the floods still inundated four areas and a bridge got destroyed, causing a road access to get disrupted.

The four areas are Jorong Maligi in Sasak Ranah Pasisia Subdistrict, Jorong Sikilang in Sungai Aur Subdistrict, Jorong Sikabau in Parit Koto Balingka Subdistrict, and Jorong Lubuk Gobing in Ranah Batahan Subdistrict, he said.

"The latest information that I receive confirm that the four areas remain inundated by the floods. The local people do need relief aids and evacuation," he said.

Three of the four flood-hit areas could not be reached by land but by sea while Lubuk Gobing was isolated due to the damaged bridge, he said, adding that a joint-relief team has planned to deliver the aid packages to those affected there on Tuesday.

"We are coordinating with the related authorities to find possible ways to reach the four isolated areas," he said.

As of Monday evening, the floods have inundated 3,162 houses, which accommodate 14,348 people. "We have been calculating the number of houses categorized as severely damaged, moderately damaged, and slightly damaged," he said.

Flooding has not only inundated several areas of Pasaman Barat District, West Sumatra Province, but it has also affected other parts of Sumatra Island.

In Aceh Province, the Aceh Singkil Disaster Mitigation Agency (BPBD) reported that the floods that inundated 24 villages in the eight sub-districts of Aceh Singkil Districts affected 24,321 people.

"As of Monday, there were 5,242 families or around 24,321 people, who were affected by the severe flooding," said Rosiana Kusuma Wardani, head of the agencys emergency operation center.

The sub-districts of Singkil, Simpang Kanan, and Gunung Meriah, were noted as the hardest hit areas. In Singkil sub-district alone, a total of 21,081 people from 16 villages suffered the impact of the floods, she said.

Then, 3,199 others reside in the six villages of Simpang Kanan sub-district and in the five villages of Gunung Meriah sub-district, she said, adding that most of the disaster zones are located near the Mount Leuser National Park areas.

The flooding also inundated several other sub-districts, including Singkil Utara, Danau Paris, Suro, Singkohor, and Kota Baharu, but the number of those affected was relatively small, she said.

Meanwhile, from Mandailing Natal District in North Sumatra Province, it was reported that the death toll from the floods and landslides that hit Mandailing Natal (Madina) District had risen to 17 on Sunday.

A joint search and rescue (SAR) team comprising military, police personnel and volunteers evacuated 17 bodies, Muhammad Yasir, head of the Madina disaster mitigation office, said.

Of the 17 casualties, 12 were elementary school students in Ulu Pungkut sub-district, three were workers repairing a road culvert in Mura Batang Gadis district, and two were people whose car plunged into the Aek Batang Gadis river during flooding.

Source: ANTARA News

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