Deputy parliament speaker banned from leaving Indonesia

Jakarta - The Corruption Eradication Commission has asked the Immigration Office to prevent Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives TaufikKurniawan from leaving Indonesia for implication in a corruption case.

Taufik, from the faction of the National Mandata Party (PAN) is implicated by Kebumen District Head YahyaFuad in the alleged embezzlement of Special Allocation Fund for the Kebumen district.

The Immigration Directorate General received the letter from KPK on Friday asking for preventing Taufik from leaving the country, chief spokesman of the Law and Human Right Ministry TheodorusSimarmata said here on Sunday.

In his trial on July 2, 2018, YahyaFuad, who was charged with corruption in the procurement of goods and service for the district administration in 2016, told the court he met with Taufik to discuss the allocation of the Special Allocation Fund (DAK).

The meeting took place in Semarang and Jakarta, Yahya, who was later convicted and is now serving a 4 year jail term with a fine of Rp300 million for graft in a number of projects, said there was an "obligation" of 5 percent to be paid to Taufik if the DAK , which was valued at Rp100 billion, already available.

The "fee" was given twice through a courier of Taufik in Semarang, Yahya told the court.

Taufik is a lawmaker from the districts of Kebumen, Banjarnegara and Purbalingga in Central Java.

Taufik allegedly received a total of Rp4.8 billion from the fee of 5 percent of Kebumens DAK budget of around Rp106.067 billion in 2017.

PT Tradha, which is owned by Yahya is charged with money laundering by KPK. PT Trada allegedly used five other companies to illegally win 8 projects in the district of Kebumen in 2016-2017 valued at Rp51 billion.

PT Tradha also was charged with accepting illegal fee from contractors for projects linked to the Kebumen district administration valued at Rp3 billion.

Source: Antara News

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