Candidates must have vision of heroes during the campaign

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Heroes Day is commemorated on Nov 10 every year to remember not only the heroes for their heroic actions but also the nations children whose works are beneficial to the Unitary Republic of Indonesia.

Likewise, for 7,968 legislative candidates (candidates), who will fight for 575 seats in the Indonesian Parliament in 80 electoral districts (electoral districts) on April 17, 2019, it is necessary to have the ability to look at the issues in their respective electoral districts.

Their vision should include the character of a hero, such as the courage to convey truth; courage to resolve problems in the electorate; willingness to sacrifice for the people; and the ability to in act and speak.

They need to make the 2018 Heroes Day a momentum to offer vision, mission, and work programs to provide solutions to alleviate poverty, minimize unemployment, strengthen brotherhood amid diversity, and tackle other national problems of the Indonesian people.

On the other hand, candidates and presidential / vice-presidential candidates and their success teams must not spread black campaigns, negative campaigns, and hoaxes against political rivals during the campaign period (September 23, 2018 and April 13, 2019).

It would be better if the 2019 Election campaign period would be positive and useful for many people and not be a selfish one.

"A hero is not just someone who has fought for independence," Actress and Singer Maudy Ayunda (23) stated at the "Indonesian Women?s Forum 2018" event in Jakarta on Friday (Nov 9).

For the "Suddenly Love Comes" singer, the title of hero is not just for people who have become victims of independence. In fact, many people in the community deserve to be called heroes.

The main star of the film "Paper Boat" explains how parents can also be heroes as the soul of heroism exists in everyone. Heroes are not just people who do positive things on the large scale.

According to Ayunda, a person who is selfless can also be called a hero.

Chance to Become a Hero

The view of the actress, who was born in Jakarta on Dec 19, 1994, open up the opportunity for anyone to be a hero, including 7,968 candidates for the House of Representatives (DPR RI), 807 candidates for Regional Representatives Council (DPD RI) who will fight for 136 seats, as well as provincial and district / city legislative assemblies (DPRDs) who will for fight 19,817 seats in 2019 Election.

Meanwhile, the meaning of hero in the Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI) is a person who stands out because of his courage and sacrifice in defending the truth. Heroes also mean brave fighters.

In KBBI, the nature of heroes, such as courage, willingness to sacrifice, and knighthood, are also mentioned. These characters must be seen in participants in the 2019 Election during the current campaign period.

The participants must try to find ways to get more seats.

According to Dewi Aryani, candidate of the Indonesian House of Representatives, Heroes Day commemoration in the middle of the campaign period is a momentum for participants of the 2019 Election to uphold their vision, mission and work program.

The campaign period, which will end on April 13, 2019, is not only an arena to get seats but also to know how participants can carry out economic development of the people and activities that uphold sportsmanship and elegance in politics, Aryani remarked.

Aryani, who is also a member of the Indonesian House of Representatives from Central Java IX (Brebes, Tegal, and Tegal Districts) from the PDIP faction, noted that the Heroes Day ceremony was only a symbol to commemorate the services of the heroes of this nation. However, if a child of this nation truly respects the hero, you must be able to develop it.

Aryani, who advanced again at the General Election of the Indonesian House of Representatives in Electoral District 9 of Central Java, stated that a hero is a person who stands out because of his/her courage and sacrifice in the truth.

In addition, the member of Commission IX (Health and Employment Sector) of the Indonesian House of Representatives remarked that fighters are those who never give up and are consistent whatever the conditions may be.

According to Aryani, a hero is one who has sincere intentions, is honest, is willingness to sacrifice, has attitude to never give up, has and willingness to do everything for the sake of society.

No matter what the profession is, he is a hero to the people, explained Aryani, who will associate with other candidates from 16 political parties participating in the 2019 Election to compete for a stack of seats in the DPR RI in her electoral district.

Anyone can be a hero by taking the example of heroes and then implementing it in everyday life. If this is embodied by all the children of the nation, there will be no election divisions because of it. People will be aware that this five-year democratic cycle is a unifying tool to elect the nations leaders.

Source: ANTARA News

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