Delayed salaries of Pos Indonesias workers paid on Feb 4

Jakarta, Feb 3 (ANTARA News) - Corporate Secretary of PT Pos Indonesia Benny Otoyo has confirmed that the state-owned postal service firms employees would receive their delayed salaries on Monday (Feb 4).

"Regarding the late payment of the employees salaries, the board of directors have guaranteed that the workers will have received theirs on February 4, 2019," he said in a press statement made available to Antara here on Sunday.

In improving the companys business performance, he called on the whole employees and unionists within PT Pos Indonesia to maintain a harmonious industrial relationship with those in the management, and to preserve the firms good image.

The firms internal problems should be resolved by those representing the management and trade union in accordance with agreed mechanism. The two parties should also respect each other and avoid counter-productive actions, he said.

PT Pos Indonesia has been attempting to provide community members and clients with the best services, Benny Otoyo said.

This state-owned postal service firm has recently been shaken by a labor strike demanding for an improvement of its employees welfare.

In its recent strike, the companys trade union (SPPI) reportedly forced the board of directors to pay the employees delayed salaries.

Source: ANTARA News

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