This Year, Village Arrangement in 60 RWs Executed

Jakarta Public Housing and Settlement Agency Head, Kelik Indriyanto will spend Rp 320 billion for conducting village arrangement towards 60 RWs in five cities in the upcoming May.

This program is targeted to be realized in 200 RWs in 2022.

Of 60 RWs, 3 out of them are in Central Jakarta, 25 RWs in North Jakarta, 14 RWs in West Jakarta, 6 RWs in South Jakarta, and 12 RWs in East Jakarta.

"It refers to Gubernatorial Regulation No. 90/2018 on Improving the Quality of Settlements in the Arrangement of Integrated Settlement Areas," he expressed, Friday (2/8).

Based on the Central Statistic Agency's data, around 11 variable residential areas must be arranged in terms of population density, building layout, building construction, and residential ventilation.

Then building density, road conditions, drainage, human waste disposal, garbage cleaning, how to dispose of garbage, and public street lighting.

"To smoothen it, we have been coordinating with other SKPDs to prevent overlapping. We'll upgrade and repair the existing facilities," he uttered.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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