STMM Yogya and LPP TVRI Build Academic Collaboration

Jakarta, Kominfo - Multi Media College (STMM / MMTC) Yogyakarta built collaborative fields with the Indonesian Television Public Broadcasting Institution (LPP TVRI). Through Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), STTM and TVRI agreed to support each other in the process of education and broadcasting production.

"We hope that TVRI can provide a kind of experience, sharing, and skills to students in such a practice process. Later, they can help teach and have an apprenticeship process," explained STTM Chair Noor Iza after signing the Memorandum of Understanding at the Central TVRI Building, Jakarta, Monday (11 / 02/2019) .

According to Noor Iza, the signing of the MoU was an effort to prepare cooperation in the academic field for mutual interests by using the principle of equality and mutual benefit.

"We at STMM Yogyakarta produce qualified students in the field of broadcasting, especially those that are technical in the field of broadcast production, then studio production, and we do have facilities where our students have strong experience in their fields so they are ready to face the world of work , "He said.

In addition, continued Noor Iza, through the MoU it can improve the quality of education and the development of the potential of human resources to produce the best people who have a comprehensive and superior understanding.

"Hopefully this MoU will provide maximum benefits and will certainly be very useful for HR and graduates of STMM Yogyakarta," explained Noor.

The scope of the MoU according to Noor Iza included the provision of prospective HR in broadcasting and multimedia, sending lecturers and students who would carry out internships; sending and receiving teaching staff in the field of broadcasting and multimedia.

"As well as selecting as well as sending the audio-visual production works of broadcasting and animation students," explained Noor Iza.

While TVRI will select candidates for HR, facilitate the implementation of internships for lecturers and students throughout the LPP TVRI Station in Indonesia; sending and receiving teaching staff in the fields of broadcasting and multimedia, as well as broadcasting the work of audio-visual production of STMM Yogyakarta students in broadcasting and animation.

"This understanding is made and implemented with the principle of good faith, mutual trust and equality while still adhering to the provisions of legislation. "This agreement has a one-year implementation period," explained Noor Iza.

The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was carried out by the Chairperson of the Yogyakarta STMM Noor Iza and the Director of TVRI Helmi Yahya. The signing of the signing was witnessed by the Secretary of the HR R and D Agency Kominfo Haryati, Head of the LPP TVRI Education and Training Center Dyah Sukorini, structural officials.

TVRI President Director Helmi Yahya explained that this MoU was agreed on the basis of TVRI as a Public Broadcasting Institution in carrying out independent broadcasting activities.

"We are neutral, non-commercial and functional in providing information services to the public, contributing to the efforts of the Yogyakarta STMM Ministry of Communication and Information Technology in organizing higher education in broadcasting and multimedia," he explained.

Helmi Yahya states, TVRI and MMTC have a long history and relationships that cannot be separated. In fact, he stated that the cooperation would be useful to meet the HR needs of TVRI, especially young people who have competencies.

"Some of our employees have been educated there and from the past since the Ministry of Information has become a kind of Candradimuka Crater for several broadcasters. This cooperation has become very meaningful and welcomes MMTC graduates who want to take part in an internship program at the TVRI office ," he said. .ys)

Source: Ministry of Communication and Information

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