Folk Sports Festival Returns Mid-February

The annual Folk Sports Festival is slated to be held in the near future, which presents competition of chess, futsal, table tennis and gymnastics.

Central Jakarta Youth and Sports Sub-Agency Head, Tedi Cahyono said that it is program of Regional Strategic Activity (KSD), which is stated in Gubernatorial Regulation Number 64/2018 on Annual Folk Sports Festival.

"This regulation is the basis for us to kick off this festival from the urban village, sub-district to city levels, he expressed, Wednesday (3/12).

This month, there will be futsal competition at urban village level in Taman Menteng Futsal court, Central Jakarta, which falls on February 22-24.

Afterwards, it will be continued with chess on May 3-5 at Catur Kebon Jahe Guesthouse and table tennis sport on November 1-3 at Plaza Mayor's Office in Central Jakarta.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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