Rawa Bunga People Use Holiday to Exercise at RPTRA

Residents living in Rawa Bunga Urban Village, Jatinegara, East Jakarta use holiday by exercising together at the Citra Permata child-friendly integrated public space (RPTRA).

" This holiday, I play futsal with friends at Citra Permata RPTRA"

As experienced by Jihan (21), a teenager said that local residents usually use holiday to exercise such as, futsal, aerobic exercise, and fitness.

"This holiday, I play futsal with friends at Citra Permata RPTRA," he expressed, Thursday (3/7).

Similar statement also comes out from Fahmi (19), the park is safe and comfort for exercise.

"The most important is our body becomes fit and can interact with each other," he explained.

Rawabunga Urban Village Head, Agustina uttered that futsal is very much in demand and the schedule must be rotated. From nine RWs, each gets a two-hour allotment every day.

Usually they play at night. But if it is a holiday, they play in the morning until the evening alternately.

Aside that, adults also play here, starting from the member of RW, sub-district social agency (LMK), public facility maintenance agency (PPSU) to school, namely SDN Rawabunga 11 and 12 Pagi, as well as SMPN 62 and SMAN 54.

"Including sub-district puskesmas employees, as well as locals from Kampung Melayu and Balimester," he stated.

Source: Berita Jakarta

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