Some tourist resorts in Bintan cease operations over corona outbreak

Bintan, Riau Islands (ANTARA) - Several tourist resorts and parks in the Lagoi integrated and exclusive tourist area in Bintan Island, Riau Islands Province, have stopped operating in the face of the spread of coronavirus in several countries.

"At this moment, tourist resorts and parks under the purview of the Bintan On Base Resort, such as Beach Pearl, Sahid Bintan Resort, Bintan Black Coral, Kalimanta, and Kunang-Kunang Mangrove Forest have stopped operating, except for the Bintan Agro Beach Resort in Bakau Bay," Bambang, spokesman for the Bintan Agro Resort and SPA, stated on Wednesday.

Several tourist resorts and parks have shut down over a drop in the number of Chinese tourists that have so far dominated tourist arrivals in the region.

"Since January 23, 2020, the number of Chinese tourists fell 100 percent after their government issued a travel advisory to the citizens over the coronavirus," he remarked.

Bambang pointed to companies in addition to small-scale traders selling fruits around the tourist resorts having to bear the brunt of tourist resorts and parks being shut down.

"We also cannot buy fish from fishermen, who usually sell their catch to tourist resorts," he noted.

Bambang remarked that the Bintan district government, through the tourism office, had checked the tourist resorts and parks.

"They are concerned about the force majeure that is beyond the people's capability and control," he pointed out.

Source: Antara News

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