Expert presses for greater law enforcement professionalism in 2021

Purwokerto, C Java Prof. Hibnu Nugroho, a legal expert at the Jenderal Soedirman University (Unsoed), called to increase law enforcement professionalism in Indonesia in 2021 to better align with the public expectations.

"For 2020, I think law enforcement is still replete (with) political nuances," the professor stated here on Wednesday.

Law enforcement during 2020 has failed to reflect the public’s aspirations, especially with regard to state finances.

Nugroho also viewed that law enforcement in 2020 tended to be conducted "selectively" for which he called for future law enforcement to truly apply the principle of "equality before the law" for everyone or every group.

"Indiscriminately, whoever the person is, (it should be) talking about law and evidence and not about interests, including political interests," he pointed out.

The professor highlighted the criticality of bringing about such an improvement in conducting legal enforcement in order to regain the public’s trust.

It would be impossible to fully do away with the political nuances in legal enforcement, but at least it should be reduced.

Prof. Nugroho also reminded the government to optimize law enforcement as a means of thwarting the spread of COVID-19.

"If it is a fine, you have to be fined, and if it is confinement, then you have to be confined. The application of this strict legal means will at least put a brake on the spread of COVID-19, lest law enforcers become negligent or start pursuing a point of compromise or fatigue," he affirmed.

Nugroho called for stringent enforcement of health protocols to cut the chain and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"Such health protocols must indeed be supported by strict law enforcement. Moreover, the pandemic would not end in 2021," he stated.

Source: Antara News

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