Java’s population share declining slowly: BPS

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Java’s share of Indonesia’s population has continued to decline in the past two decades, although at a slow pace, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) revealed on Thursday.

The 2020 population census, which was conducted until September last year, has shown that Java’s population share has continued to decline, while Kalimantan’s has increased slightly.

“If we compare the result of the 2020 population census with the previous census, there is a shift of inter-island population from time to time,” BPS head Suhariyanto said at the public release of the Population Census 2020 Data here on Thursday.

In 2000, Java accounted for 59.1 percent of the Indonesian population. By 2010, its population share had declined to 57.7 percent, and by 2020, it stood at 56.10 percent, or 151.6 million people, he elaborated.

On the other hand, Kalimantan’s population share increased from 5.5 percent in 2000 to 6.15 percent in 2020.

“However, we admit that the shift has run very slow due to the economic potential and infrastructure,” Suhariyanto remarked.

The 2020 population census pegged Indonesia’s population at 270.2 million, with Java accounting for the highest share at 56.10 percent (151.6 million), followed by Sumatra at 21.68 percent (58.56 million), Sulawesi 7.36 percent (19.9 million), Kalimantan 6.15 percent (16.6 million), Bali-West Nusa Tenggara 5.54 percent (15 million), and Maluku-Papua 3.17 percent (8.6 million).

“We can see that the most populous island is Java that covers only 6.75 percent of total Indonesian area. The population density in Java Island is 1,171 people per square kilometer,” Suhariyanto informed. (INE)




Source: Antara News


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