Abdul Kadir defends drug use

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Popular Indonesian celebrity Abdul Kadir who was arrested for drug use recently has claimed that it was the first time he had consumed crystal methamphetamine, Jakarta Metropolitan Police spokesperson Sen.Coms.Yusri Yunus said.

“AK (Abdul Kadir) informed police investigators that he had consumed crystal meth for the first time. But, the investigators will find out the truth of his claim to know how long he has been consuming the illicit drug,” he informed here on Monday.

Kadir, whose Instagram handle is @d_kadoor, was arrested at a hotel in South Jakarta on January 27, 2021 for allegedly consuming crystal meth.

Yunus said Kadir claimed that he had only tried out the illegal drug.

After making the arrest, police had asked Kadir to undergo a urine test. The results of the test confirmed he had consumed the drug, Yunus informed.

Kadir will remain in police custody for questioning, he added.

Indonesian capital Jakarta remains vulnerable to drug trade.

On January 22, 2021, for instance, West Jakarta metropolitan police officers had thwarted a 22-year-old drug courier’s attempt to deliver a crystal meth package.

The suspect, identified by his initials as S, was arrested in the Kapuk Muara neighborhood, Penjaringan sub-district, North Jakarta, chief of the West Jakarta Police Narcotics Unit, Adjunct Sen.Coms.Ronaldo Maradona Siregar, said.

Domestic and trans-national drug dealers perceive Indonesia as a potential market owing to its vast population and millions of drug users. The drug trade in the nation is valued at nearly Rp66 trillion.

People from all strata of society are falling prey to drugs in the country regardless of their socio-economic and professional backgrounds.

The Indonesian government has taken harsh punitive action against drug kingpins found smuggling and trading drugs in the country over the past few decades.

The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) has even sought capital punishment for those involved in drug trade in the country.

Indonesian President Joko Widodo has also issued shoot-at-sight orders against drug kingpins.

However, this has failed to deter drug traffickers, who continue to treat Indonesia as a main market, prompting Indonesian law enforcers to step up vigilance against them.

Aware of the real threats posed by both domestic and trans-national drug rings in the country, Indonesia’s new national police chief, Com.Gen. Listyo Sigit Prabowo, has been urged to continue the harsh crackdown against them.

Andi Rio Idris Padjalangi, a member of Commission III of the House of Representatives (DPR), which oversees legal affairs, said he appealed to Prabowo to maintain the National Police’s good synergy with BNN and other related agencies.

The National Police need also continue improving infrastructure and equipment needed for the fight against drug crimes, Padjalangi said.


Source: Antara News

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