Riau: Cop detained in drug case dies

Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA) - A police officer arrested by the anti-drug squad in connection with a drug case on March 14, 2021 has died in custody, Riau Police spokesperson Sen.Coms.Sunarto said.

The officer, identified by his initials as ZM, was apprehended with one kg of crystal methamphetamine, Sunarto told local journalists here on Wednesday.

The body of the 49-year-old police officer, who was posted at the Riau Police's Community Empowerment Directorate, was buried by his family in North Sumatra, he said.

Prior to his death, ZM had lost consciousness and had been admitted to the Riau police hospital, Sunarto informed, without mentioning the day of death.

ZM passed away at the hospital, he said, adding that based on his medical records, ZM reportedly suffered from cardiovascular disease.

Domestic and transnational drug dealers view Indonesia as a potential market owing to its large population and millions of drug users.

Drug trade in Indonesia is valued at almost Rp66 trillion.

Data indicates that people from all sections of society are falling prey to drugs, regardless of their socio-economic and professional backgrounds.

In November last year, a police officer in Deli Serdang district, North Sumatra province was sacked over his involvement in a drug-related offense.

The dismissal of Chief Brigadier F. S. was announced at a roll call, led by deputy chief of the Deli Serdang police precinct, Adjunct Sen. Coms. Julianto P. Sirait, on November 23, 2020.

"Through this roll call, it is declared that Chief Brigadier F. S. is longer a police officer," Sirait said.

In June, 2020, another policeman was arrested for consuming drugs at a hotel in Mataram, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara province.

The policeman, identified as EW, and three other people were reportedly caught consuming crystal methamphetamine during a drug raid and placed under police custody. During the raid, 19 grams of crystal meth was seized from them.

In July, 2020, at least 260 policemen in South Sumatra took part in a rehabilitation program to recover from drug addiction. (INE)

Source: Antara News

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