Indonesia’s imports grew in March 2021 to US$16.79 billion: BPS

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia's imports increased in March 2021 to US$16.79 billion, a 26.55-percent spike from the previous month and a rise of 25.73 percent from the corresponding period in 2020, Central Statistics Agency (BPS) Head Suhariyanto stated.

“Imports in March 2021 grew encouragingly, both month-on-month (mom) and year-on-year (yoy), registering a significant increase. It has grown positively since February 2021,” BPS Head Suhariyanto remarked at a virtual press conference in Jakarta on Thursday.

Suhariyanto attributed the positive growth in imports in March 2021 to the utilization of goods. He cited as an example that the imports of consumer goods increased 15.51 percent (mom) and 13.40 percent (yoy).

A high increase was recorded in the imports of several consumer goods, such as vaccines from China, milk and powdered form (green label) from New Zealand, raw sugar from India, AC machines from Thailand, and mandarin oranges from China.

Meanwhile, the imports of raw materials and auxiliary materials witnessed the highest growth, reaching 31.10 percent (mom) and up 25.82 percent (yoy).

"Some have increased quite sharply. For instance, oil cake and other solid residues. We import a power transmission apparatus from China," Suhariyanto remarked.

Meanwhile, the imports of capital goods had reached 11.85 percent (mom) and 33.70 percent (yoy).

Thus, cumulatively, the import value during the first quarter of 2021 totaled $43.38 billion, a 75-percent rise from the corresponding period in the previous year. As for the main imports, specifically machinery and electrical equipment, it amounted to a 14.54-percent rise.

"An increase in the imports of raw materials shows that manufacturing is starting to move, while we are optimistic that capital goods would affect the investment component in the gross domestic product (GDP)," the BPS head stated.

Source: Antara News

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