COVID-19 cases, mortalities declined in past week: Task Force

Jakarta (ANTARA) - COVID-19 Handling Task Force spokesperson Wiku Adisasmito reported that the number of positive cases and deaths related to COVID-19 had decreased in the last week.

"I would like to laud this development, as lowering the number of positive cases and deaths is something that we need to maintain," Adisasmito remarked at a press conference held virtually from Jakarta on Thursday (April 15).

In connection with the number of positive cases of COVID-19 as of April 14, 2021, an additional 5,656 confirmed positive patients were recorded, with 108,384 active cases, or 6.8 percent, as compared to the global average of 17.4 percent.

The number of recoveries was recorded at 1,431,892, or 90.4 percent, as compared to the global average of 80.4 percent. A total of 42,906 deaths were related to COVID-19, or 2.7 percent, as compared to the global average of 2.2 percent.

Adisasmito noted that the progress report on the response to COVID-19 as of April 11, 2021, was quite good as compared to developments in the previous week.

Despite this week’s decline in the rate of addition of positive cases and mortalities, Adisasmito noted that the recovery numbers had actually decreased.

"However, this is because the number of additional positive cases continue to decline," he stated.

The number of new positive cases this week decreased by 14.2 percent. However, five provinces experienced the highest increase in cases comprising Central Java, up by 620 cases, from 2,912 to reach 3,532; Riau, with a rise of 412 cases, from 1,096 to reach 1,508; South Sulawesi, with 368 new cases, from 458 to reach 826; West Java, up by 274 cases to reach 6,033 from 5,759; and West Sumatra recorded an increase of 214 cases to reach 914 from 700.

Furthermore, the number of deaths dropped by 17.6 percent this week. Five provinces registered the highest increase of which West Sumatra saw a rise of 18 cases to take the total to 26 cases, from eight earlier on; South Sumatra recorded an increase of 16 cases, from 15 to reach 31 cases; West Java clocked a rise of 14 cases, from 109 to reach 123 cases; Bali recorded an increase of 12 cases to touch 45, from 33 cases earlier; and Central Java saw an increase of nine cases to reach 149, from 140 earlier.

"We are focusing especially on the provinces of Central Java, West Java, and West Sumatra. This is since this week, the number of positive cases and mortalities had increased. All people and the local governments are urged to monitor developments in their respective regions and optimize the posts to improve the quality of handling," he stated.

Adisasmito noted that the recovery rate had decreased by 3.5 percent due to a decline in the number of positive cases. Five provinces registered the highest number of recoveries, including Central Java, up by 7,648 cases, from 3,730 to reach 11,378; South Kalimantan, up by 473, from 1,259 to reach 1,732; West Sumatra, up by 434, from 366 to 800 cases; South Sumatra, up by 306 cases, from 303 to reach 609 cases, and East Kalimantan, up by 268, from 1,547 cases to reach 1,815.

"I continue to encourage all regions to constantly improve the handling of COVID-19, especially in the midst of the implementation of the Micro PPKM policy that is increasingly broad in scope. Positive developments are expected and will be more evenly distributed across Indonesia," he noted.

Source: Antara News

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