Fifteen Surabaya’s schools commence limited classroom learning


On Monday, September 6, as many as 15 state and private schools in Surabaya, East Java Province, commenced limited face-to-face learning sessions.

“My children, who are currently undergoing limited face-to-face learning sessions, let us make the school as comfortable as possible,” Head of Commission D for Education at the Surabaya Regional House of Representatives Khusnul Khotimah told junior high school students engaged in the limited classroom learning sessions today.

According to the @Banggasurabaya instagram account, 15 junior high schools that conducted the limited face-to-face learning comprised State Junior High School 1, State Junior High School 2, State Junior High School 3, State Junior High School 10, State Junior High School 12, State Junior High School 15, State Junior High School 19, State Junior High School 26, State Junior High School 28, State Junior High School 46, State Junior High School 62, YBPK 1 Junior High School, 17 August Junior High School, GIKI 2 Junior High School, and Santa Maria Junior High School Surabaya.

Khotimah urged various parties, especially the school management, so that the limited face-to-face learning agenda can be applied properly, given the looming uncertainty. “Do not brush off anything. They are still children, so they must remain under supervision,” she emphasized.

Since this is the first day of school after nearly two years of online learning, necessary precautionary measures should be taken against traffic jams in the school environment, she affirmed. Parents, who have brought their children, should immediately leave rather than wait and watch them entering the school.

“Everyone must maintain order and ensure comfort for road users. Parents must have belief and leave everything to the educators and education staff. The implementation of this limited face-to-face learning has been through a lengthy process before being conducted,” she highlighted.

Khotimah advised students to have breakfast prior to leaving for school. Apart from that, they must bring other things, such as drinking bottles from home, wear masks, and hand sanitizers, and not be late.

“Do not create a crowd. Use hand sanitizer often and never take off your mask. Do not let your feelings of missing school and your friends make you abandon health protocols,” she remarked.

After school, all students should immediately go home and are not allowed to stop anywhere, including at a friend’s house.

“When you arrive at home, change your clothes and clean yourself by taking a shower immediately,” she urged.

Several conditions to be met for schools to organize limited face-to-face learning include teachers having received two doses of vaccine and students having received the approval of their guardian or parents.

Other requirements encompass ensuring submission of details pertaining to school readiness in the form of facilities, infrastructure, and administration to the Surabaya Education Office; clearing an assessment of the Surabaya COVID-19 Task Force; having conducted limited face-to-face learning simulation; and having obtained recommendations from the Surabaya Education Office.

The school already has in place a COVID-19 Task Force Student Team that was officiated by Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi on September 3.

Head of the Surabaya Education Office Supomo remarked that members of the COVID-19 Task Force Student Team were selected School Health Unit cadre students, who had received training from experts to offer them knowledge and insights about the importance of maintaining health protocols during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some 457 COVID Task Force Student Teams had been formed from various public and private elementary and junior high schools across Surabaya City, he stated. A total of 5,425 children were included in those 457 teams.


Source: Antara News

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