BRIN facilitates utilization of technology in farming for public


The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) facilitates the use of technology, such as in the farming sector, for the people, so that they can reap substantial benefits.

“The BRIN will introduce applicative technology in accordance with the potential and the need of people in the region,” BRIN’s official, Satriyo Krido Wahono, noted in a written statement that ANTARA received here on Monday.

The BRIN will introduce the use of technology, such as for the development of locally sourced livestock feed as well as for the utilization of livestock produce for economic benefits, he noted.

The farming industry is one of the sectors that supports Indonesia’s economy, especially for agrarian people in villages, he explained.
Hence, Wahono opined that the use of technology is expected to boost the people’s productivity and performance.

Meanwhile, BRIN’s researcher, Andi Febrisiantosa, introduced the concept of integrated farming to the people.

This step was taken in a bid to manage the input of technological innovation-based farming that can be economically beneficial, socially and culturally acceptable, and environmentally friendly.

“This concept of integrated farming can produce food, feed, organic fertilizer, energy fuel, and waste that can be processed,” he elaborated.

Thus far, BRIN has developed livestock product technology for food requirement, biogas technology that produces organic fertilizer, and poultry and ruminants feed technology, he outlined.
Febrisiantosa also introduced the forage preservation technique with silage system by conducting controlled fermentation for plants with high amount of water, egg processing technology, and meat packaging.

“These technologies are quite easy to use since they use local ingredients that are not hard for farmers to obtain,” Febrisiantosa noted.

BRIN, along with the House of Representatives (DPR) Commission VII member, held an Integrated Farming Technology Technical Guideline at Mrebet Village, Purbalingga District, Central Java, on Saturday.

Source: Antara News

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