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Central Java urged to conduct disaster mitigation

Semarang, C Java, (ANTARA News) - The Central Java government has been urged to conduct disaster mitigation in a comprehensive manner to reduce the risks and losses arising from a catastrophe.

"Taking a cue from the Sunda Strait tsunami that hit the areas of Pandeglang District in Banten Province and South Lampung District in Lampung Province recently, the Central Java provincial government should take precautionary measures against disasters by adopting comprehensive mitigation measures," Central Java Regional Representative Council (DPRD) Commission E member Jamaluddin remarked here on Monday.

He said taking into account the condition of Central Java, referred to as "a disaster supermarket," members of the local community should be aware of unexpected calamities.

Jamaluddin pointed out that the southern region of Central Java is prone to earthquake and potential tsunami, the central region is susceptible to landslides, while the northern areas are vulnerable to flooding and robs.

He noted that efforts that can be made by the Central Java provincial government to reduce disaster risk include installing early warning systems and constructing earthquake-resistant buildings in areas prone to disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunami.

In addition, Jamaluddin said the local government must increase awareness and community capacity in the face of disasters that may strike unexpectedly.

"One of the steps that the Central Java provincial government should take is to increase public awareness to deal with disasters through disaster response training," the Prosperous Justice Party politician remarked.

In the meantime, Central Java DPRD Deputy Chairman Sukirman stressed the importance of disaster education for all levels of society in order to minimize the number of victims.

"Disaster education must be imparted thoroughly, starting from taking precautionary measures against disasters to post-disaster management. The intended form of disaster anticipation is an increase in awareness of the community, especially those living in disaster-prone areas," Sukirman added.

Source: ANTARA News


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